Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I choose stamped concrete over brick or pavers?

Above all, most homeowners decide to install concrete because of the cost advantage. Stamped concrete can be far less expensive than stone and other masonry options, without sacrificing the appearance or real stone. Additionally, concrete provides the following advantages...

No Weeds. There are no cracks between the “bricks” in stamped concrete for dirt to settle and weeds to grow. This eliminates any need to spray weed killer, pull weeds, or “mow” your patio.

Level Surface. Bricks and pavers often settle, pop up, or separate. These irregularities are unsightly and distract from the overall appearance of your patio or walkway. Furthermore, there is no need for periodic maintenance involving tearing up the paver and reinstalling them.

Does Stamped Concrete become slippery when wet? 

No. We apply a non-skid cure seal to the surface of the concrete during our final application. This product is highly effective in eliminating slipperiness.

Will the color fade?

No. Unlike most stamped concrete contractors, we at VJ Concrete use only color infused concrete. This process ensures a uniform color through the entire thickness of the slab.

Is there any chance that it might crack?

 It should be noted, that Stamped Concrete achieves a level of crack prevention exceeding almost all others in the industry.  At VJ Concrete, numerous preventative measures are taken to highly reduce the likelihood of any crack occurring. We use both steel reinforcement and polypropylene fibermesh reinforcement in 100% of all our Stamped Concrete Installations. These and other measures significantly lower the probability of cracks occurring.

What kind of maintenance is necessary?

Very little. Once the concrete is sealed, it should last a lifetime. However, we recommend resealing your patio every 3 to 5 years depending on the amount of use. Resealing your stamped concrete will give it that vibrant “brand new” look and help protect your investment. Allow VJ Concrete to provide this continuous service for you.